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June 2018

We will be starting our Summer Camps starting on June 4th. We have 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 week camps. Please see our Home Page for details. Our summer camps are for kid's who want to try out our Taekwondo classes without purchasing a uniform and come in to 2-classes per week. You can start anytime during the summer for as many weeks as you want.

Taekwondo is a good family activity. When you train in Taekwondo together as a family you will learn a sense of respect for each other unlike anything else! If the parents train with their kid's they will understand the benefits of Taekwondo and re-enforce courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit in their children.

 Their are attacks on men and women every day. Why not learn how to protect yourself and your family? It is to late after you are attacked to learn self-defense! We can teach you self-defense techniques that will disable your attacker with just one strike or kick. We also teach you how to respond for a situation with an Active Threat. We provide self-defense / Active Threat classes and can come to your school, workplace, or you can set it up at one of our gyms. This class is only $20.00 for 1 1/2 hours! 

  We teach kids to respect their parents, teachers, masters, friends, and elders in our programs. We also teach them to make their bed every morning, do their home work on time, and clean their room.  Please contact us for your free trial 2-classes. (This is not included in the Summer Camp)

 All classes are instructed in a family type atmosphere showing respect to each other, encouragement, and support for each other, and we do have a class for every member of the family! Unlike sports, in martial arts, everyone participates, no one sits on the bench. 

Please call now to set up a free trial week of Taekwondo or Lil'dragons classes at 920-922-9401 or 920-748-3481! You can also text or call at 920-960-2707.

Have a great June!
Grandmaster Benish